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Insurance & Out-of-pocket expenses

Below are the insurance plans that I accept. You are responsible for your copays and/or deductible costs. Most copays range from $10-30 per session. Please consult with your insurance carrier to determine your copay and deductible, if applicable.


I work with most Aetna insurance plans, except for those associated with Medi-Cal.

HealthNet/Managed Health Network (MHN)

I work with most HealthNet/MHN plans except for those associated with Medi-Cal.

Medicare Part B

I work with Medicare Part B, which is the part that covers outpatient services. I do not accept Medicare Advantage plans unless they are part of Aetna or HealthNet/MHN. Also, due to specific laws related to Medi-Cal and Medicare, I do not work with clients who have both.

Private Pay

You are also welcome to pay out of pocket for your sessions if you prefer more privacy and confidentiality. My rates are $200 for a 45 minute session and $225 for an hour session.

Insurance: Insurance
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