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Online Resources and Clinical Forms

Below I've linked a few different online resources where you can get additional information regarding mental health topics. I have also provided some of my clinical practice forms and mental health screener questionnaires.

Dr. Tracey Marks

Dr. Marks is a psychiatrist who posts weekly mental health educational videos on her YouTube page. She covers information on general mental health topics, medication and potential side effects, alternative approaches to treating mental health issues, and up-to-date information on new research published regarding mental health treatment.

Kati Morton

Kati Morton is a licensed marriage and family therapist who posts weekly mental health videos on her YouTube page. As she has been on the YouTube platform for nearly a decade, she has one of the most extensive video libraries on mental health topics within the YouTube space. Her videos provide information on various mental health diagnoses, treatment options for said diagnoses, tools and techniques to assist one in their mental health recovery, and other informative content.

HealthyPlace Mental Health is one of the largest consumer mental health websites. You'll find comprehensive mental health information PLUS an active mental health support network. On the HealthyPlace YouTube channel, they feature mental health videos from their bloggers (most who live with a mental health condition), their Medical Director, and other people who share what it's like living with a mental illness.

How to ADHD

How to ADHD is a YouTube channel that provides a great deal of information on ADHD. The YouTuber in charge of the channel has ADHD and discusses her lived experiences, along with also providing evidence-based treatment approaches to better living with ADHD in a neurotypical (or Non-ADHD) world. It's a wonderful resource for those who have ADHD, suspect they may have ADHD, or know someone in their life that may have ADHD.

Anna Akana

Anna Akana is an actress, comedian, writer, producer, singer, and mental health advocate. She regularly uploads videos of her mental health struggles on her YouTube page and does so in a way that is relatable to most people, as she uses her writing and comedic skills to help reduce the stigma towards mental health.

Book recommendations

These are a few books that I often recommend to my clients to better understand anxiety and/or neurodivergence. I only recommend books that I've read and believe to be a valuable source of information on the topic at hand.

The author is a YouTube/podcaster that is autistic and dedicates his time to educating others on Autism. His book provides information on what it feels like to have Autism, from a humorous and relatable perspective. If you know someone with Autism and want to understand them better, this is a must read.

This book does a good job of explaining the concept of masking, something often associated with autism. Masking is a form of acting, often done unconsciously, designed to fit in better with one's environment. Like acting, however, it takes a large amount of energy and can leave the person feeling perpetually drained. This is a good read for anyone interested in better understanding autism and the costs of masking, as he highlights research on Autism.

This book highlights the lived experiences of neurodivergent women, covering areas such as ADHD, Autism, synesthesia, and sensory processing disorder. The author does a great job of detailing how being neurodivergent may look quite different in women than in men. If you suspect you or a woman you love might be neurodivergent, this is a must read.

Dr. Barkley is well known in the mental health field for his research and contributions towards better understanding ADHD. Indeed, he was closely involved in the evolution of the diagnostic criteria used to diagnosis ADHD in the latest DSM-5. This book is an accumulation of his knowledge written for the everyday person who wishes to better understand this neurodivergent experience. While he gives concrete tips and tricks to better live with ADHD, he also provides great detail into the medications often prescribed for ADHD. This is a great book to have if you live with ADHD or know someone who does.

Dr. Tracey Marks is a Psychiatrist who educates people on a variety of mental health topics (see the previous section for her YouTube Channel). In this book, she covers the different types of anxiety disorders, medication options, complementary and alternative treatments, psychotherapies for anxiety, and even provides concrete evidence-based tools to combat various forms of anxiety. It's a wonderful resource to have if you or a loved one struggles with anxiety.

These authors specialize in the treatment of individuals with ADHD. This book, in particular, is focused on helping adults with ADHD better identify their executive functioning challenges and developing tools to address said challenges. This is good book to read if you want to better understand your ADHD experience.

This is an essential book for anyone who wishes to understand ADHD from a psychological/medical perspective. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific topic related to ADHD and references dozens of research studies and journal articles. For anyone who works in the field of ADHD or wants to have an in-depth understanding of ADHD, this is a must have.

Private Practice Forms

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Telehealth Consent Form

Lopez Psychological Services Practice Policies

Mental Health Screeners

These forms can help you identify if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and/or Autism.

Depression Screener

Anxiety Screener

PTSD Screener

ADHD Screener

Autism Screener

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