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Online Resources and Clinical Forms

Below I've linked a few different online resources where you can get additional information regarding mental health topics. I have also provided some of my clinical practice forms and mental health screener questionnaires.

Resources: Resources

Dr. Tracey Marks

Dr. Marks is a psychiatrist who posts weekly mental health educational videos on her YouTube page. She covers information on general mental health topics, medication and potential side effects, alternative approaches to treating mental health issues, and up-to-date information on new research published regarding mental health treatment.

The Psych Show

The Psych Show is run by Dr. Mattu, a clinical psychologist, who specializes in anxiety related issues. On The Psych Show you’ll see mental health tutorials (particularly on anxiety related disorders), reactions to pop culture, product reviews, and psychology career advice.

Kati Morton

Kati Morton is a licensed marriage and family therapist who posts weekly mental health videos on her YouTube page. As she has been on the YouTube platform for nearly a decade, she has one of the most extensive video libraries on mental health topics within the YouTube space. Her videos provide information on various mental health diagnoses, treatment options for said diagnoses, tools and techniques to assist one in their mental health recovery, and other informative content.

HealthyPlace Mental Health is one of the largest consumer mental health websites. You'll find comprehensive mental health information PLUS an active mental health support network. On the HealthyPlace YouTube channel, they feature mental health videos from their bloggers (most who live with a mental health condition), their Medical Director, and other people who share what it's like living with a mental illness.


BrainCraft covers self-improvement tips and advice based in psychology and neuroscience. The mission of this site is to bridge the gap between scientific research and your daily well-being.


Psych2Go provides fun and interesting psychology facts, pop psychology, articles, quizzes, issues of their magazine, YouTube videos, etc. that take a unique approach that makes it more relatable. Their team hopes to raise awareness about mental health and create a safe space that allows for open communication to those who are struggling in life.

Anna Akana

Anna Akana is an actress, comedian, writer, producer, singer, and mental health advocate. She regularly uploads videos of her mental health struggles on her YouTube page and does so in a way that is relatable to most people, as she uses her writing and comedic skills to help reduce the stigma towards mental health.

Private Practice Forms

Notice of Privacy Practices

Informed Consent for Therapy

Telehealth Consent Form

Lopez Psychological Services Practice Policies

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Mental Health Screeners

These forms can help you identify if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or ADHD.

Depression Screener

Anxiety Screener

PTSD Screener

ADHD Screener

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